Project Bonfire Prototype

Project Description

Crowd Funding App for Non-Profits

Business Goals:

In 2011 online crowd funding was fairly new. The business goal is to build an online web application the utilizes online payment gateways, and social sharing to promote giving.  The app objective was to provide non profit organizations a way to reach their financial goals by soliciting funds from existing donors, volunteers and community members via the app.  Once the web app is complete it will be licensed and customized for each group that buys the application.  Some of the key functions will be reporting of donor giving, email tracking, facebook campaign acquisitions and receipt tracking for tax purposes.

The app will have a back-end system that allows leaders of the organization to login and set up volunteer opportunities, donation causes, and other campaigns.  The backend system includes a database of members and donors.


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My Role:

I was the sole UX designer working alongside the business analyst to create user flows, and wireframes.  I was brought onto the project after the research had already been conducted by administrators.

Since the system would be branded and customized for the clients, we only created high fidelity wireframes and prototypes.  The prototypes served as the demonstration for prospective clients.


Project Details

User Experience