Game Wagers Web Application

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Project Description

Business Goal:

Striving to enhance the competitive aspect of E-sports spectating, we created an app that allows online sports wager.  This free website streams live matches, and offers wagers on the match outcomes (or other conditions). It also facilitates user-to-user wagers, and offer currency redemption for assorted Pro Team products, Sponsor products, and Website swag.  We will also offer our users the ability to showcase pride in their games, teams, and professional players by providing additional user profile customization features.  We aim to be the primary destination for all Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, and Starcraft 2 spectators.

Problem to Solve:

There is only one other site that allows E-sports spectating via live video streaming. We need to have a competitive advantage by allowing users ways to watch and bet without a lot of clicks, logins, and screens. By creating a profile dropdown panel, the users can see their number of bets placed and their remaining balance for future wagers. Below each live stream video we will showcase upcoming matches with odds and available wager types.  Multiple tab views will show other E-sports games in progress.

My Role:

I was the sole freelance designer working on the project. A team of business developers and a software developer were the main drivers of the project. I was tasked with all of the front-end user experience, interaction design, and visual design.


Project Details

User Experience


Logo, Information architecture, Wire frames, Prototypes, Visual design mock-ups