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Visual and Digital Design Expert

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design with a minor in marketing from the University of North Texas.  I graduated in 1999 and over the last 20 years, I have gained experience doing creative work in both the print and digital mediums for several large companies.

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I gained a wealth of knowledge in print production and branding while working at the Fossil National Headquarters in Dallas. I learned catalog design, art direction, product packaging, press checks and photo shoots. This required working with brand standards and style guides across all verticals.  As my career progressed, I transitioned to the Dallas Morning News advertising team where I honed my skills in publication design and editorial advertising. Deadlines were a crucial element to newspaper advertising. I created custom advertisements for local businesses which required overseeing photo shoots, and art directing layouts for local high-end restaurants, jewelry stores, and other large stores such as Neiman Marcus.

After working 5 years with Fossil, I left and  began working in the digital design space.  Telligent, whose clients included Dell, EA games, Microsoft and many others, is where I grew my knowledge base of html, css, and digital design thinking..  With a deep understanding of the platforms that power web servers and website databases, I was charged with creating the visual design of websites, online forums, and blogs. Once the design was approved it was by duty to communicate those design specifications to the development team.  I developed digital style guides for each website.  This knowledge and experience in html code afforded me the opportunity to begin creating email newsletters and e-blasts and other e-documents.

Over time, my career progressed and I embarked on the opportunity to work as an in-house employee and team member for Verizon.  In conjunction with my team, I created the Verizon Fios TV website, used the brand style guide and standards to create icons, and web page components that could be used throughout the site.  It is here that became educated about user experience best practices. I went on to achieve design certifications in user experience from the Neilson Norman Group (NNG).

Using my web and UX proven skill sets, I began working at Standing Dog Interactive, a company strong in SEO and Paid Search services.  I was able to familiarize myself with many of the industry SEO best practices for websites during my time with Standing Dog.  Many of their clients required creative ads for paid search or website updates to new mobile responsive standards.  As Creative Director, I was in charge of leading the design and development team in their interactive projects as well as all company wide objectives.  This included creating proposals for all prospective clients, gathering requirements, outlining the scope of work and clearly communicating the details of the client’s project or request in a manner that all experience levels could easily understand. Some of the clients I worked closely with were Omni Hotels, Greystar Apartments, Seabourn Cruise line, and several other large hospitality resorts and apartment conglomerates.

Continuing my career, I embarked on an opportunity in 2016 to work with a start-up company named Blue Matrix Technologies.  As Project Manager over all creative and digital projects my responsibilities include, but are not limited to estimating project costs, creating a scope of work, setting and managing timelines across all teams in-house and external, leading client meetings and communications throughout each project, funneling work to key team members, procure sales and project add-ons as necessary and maintaining relationships with all clients as an integral part of earning and keeping new and old clients as customers.

For the last 3 years I have been self employed.  I have a number of contract freelance clients who require both print and digital creative work.  I have recently embarked upon svg animation and video editing.  My clients span the verticals of real estate, oil and gas, chemical, distribution, and hospitality.


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Logos – Brochures – Sale Sheets – Training manuals – Style Guides

Print Design Print Design


E-Blasts – Landing Pages – Infographics – Websites – Power Point

Digital Design Digital Design

User Interface

Application Design – Site Maps – Wire Frames – High Fidelity Mock Ups

UX DesignUX Design

Past Work Experience

Clear Sky Developments

Marketing Director

I am currently the marketing director for Clear Sky Developments. I put together credibility packets for private money lenders.  I create direct mail campaigns marketed to homeowners.  I maintain the website and social media outlets.  I create presentations to present to attorneys, realtors, and lenders.  I also create graphics for trade show booths and collateral to hand out at the show.

BlueMatrix Technologies

Project Manager Web Creative

Under general supervision of the President, the Manager, Web Creative manages projects with a team of designers, web developers, or other groups involved in strategizing, organizing, designing, developing, and implementing interactive products for both mobile and web entities; applies best practices to execute design for visual communication with an emphasis in interactive, user experience, brand identity, and graphic design; collaborates with content writers, SEO experts, social media managers, and clients on creative projects; oversees budgeting of projects; engages in exploring highly conceptual and creative solutions to user/client needs, primarily in the fields of user experience, interaction design, and graphic design; ensures that website design and development adheres to timeline and budget requirements. Adopts web page development and technical standards in compliance with W3C Guidelines and the Rehabilitation Act 508 section 1194.2, and performs other duties as assigned.

Game Wagers Web App

User Interface Designer

I was hired  by a team of business developers to create site architecture, wire frames, and high fidelity mock ups of their online app Game Wagers.  Their idea was to create an online app that allowed people to view live streams of people playing video games and place bets on the winner.  Since gambling is illegal, the winners would accumulate points for winning bets and then they could redeem those points for gift cards, and other prizes.

Standing Dog Interactive

Visual & UX Designer

Responsible for working collaboratively to support higher-level staff to create visual designs for all in-house marketing materials, and client’s digital communication needs.

Responsible for creating compelling interactive initiatives across different properties including, websites, emails, mobile applications, and other online media including: Facebook applications, responsive websites, email newsletters, and online banner campaigns.

Responsible for all information architecture and user interface design as well as the visual execution of projects, coordinating with  the product managers, content editors and system developers to make sure the visual design, user interface, and content adheres to the  requirements, objectives, and timelines.

Project Bonfire

User Interface Designer

Responsible for creating wireframes for the creation of an online web application called Project Bonfire which serves the needs of Non-Profit Organizations to manage their volunteers and donors.

Responsible for creating the marketing materials which promote the software as well as presentation materials to investors.


Interactive Visual Designer

Responsible for design and creation of elements, using the style guide, as low level as icons  and buttons, up to the design and creation of complex wireframes and frame decks.

Buyoker User Interface

User Interface Designer

I was commissioned by a team of SMU graduate students to put together a prototype of their web application called Buyoker.  The name is a combination of buy and broker and was similar to other discount coupon apps except this one gave the end user the ability to offer up their own price.  I created the wire frames, user flows, and high fidelity mock ups.


DFW Foreclosures Magazine

Art Director

Responsible for the entire magazine style including page numbers, margins,  headlines, text, columns, charts, graphs and more.  Additionally, I worked with realtors who placed advertisements to list their foreclosed homes for sale.  This included styling the listings with image, price, sqft, and other details to fit the ad space they purchased.  I designed the cover of each monthly magazine.  I also created the media kit and ad rate card.

Telligent Systems

Interactive Visual Designer 

Design and develop site themes, skins, and widgets for the Community Server Enterprise platform.

Concept and design custom websites for social networking communities. (Includes XHTML and CSS)

Design and produce the in-house company branding, advertisements, website, banner ads, and web advertisements.

Design and execute marketing and sales materials for conventions/trade shows.

Experience embedding podcasts, audio and video files and digital docs.

Dallas Morning News

Art Director

Design and develop special sections of editorial content.

Concept, design and develop integrated advertising with editorial news.

Concept and design ad campaigns for a high-end fashion section.

Invent creative solutions for advertising clients who need rebranding for various publications.

Coordinate and direct product photo shoots in a photo studio and on location.


Art Director

Designed product catalogs and art directed the photoshoots of the product for the catalog.

Developed watch product and packaging for Academy watch lines.

Developed watch product and packaging for Disney, Barbie, and Harry Potter.

Concepted limited edition sculptures for Disney Watch Packaging.

Executed sketches, measurements and mechanicals for production.

I have achieved awards for my web design work including both Gold & Silver HSMAI Adrian Awards. The Horizon Interactive Gold award for excellence in interactive media production.The IAC award for Best Social Network-Interactive Application. Lastly, the Best in Show award for an apartment website design.